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Home Inspection

Home Inspections

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, our certified inspector utilizes years of construction experience to examine your property from roof to foundation and everything in between. Inspection services cover single family residences, town home/condominiums, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, additional buildings, and light commercial properties.

Mold Assessment

We are not just a home inspection company. We are also a licensed mold inspection company with a Level 1 certification in Thermography , and we provide mold testing and mold inspections.


Mold Testing and Inspections

We are not just a home inspection company. We are also a Licensed Mold Assessment company that also have a Level 1 certification in Thermography. We are Licensed Home Inspections and Licensed Mold Assessments. Located in High Springs, FL we offer our services from Central Florida through North Florida and the Pan Handle. Options available for homeowners and home buyers.

Mold Testing
11-Month Builder's Warranty Home Inspection

Purchase a New Home?

11-Month Builder's Warranty Inspection

A builder’s warranty of a home typically lasts a total of 12 months. This means at 11 months, you can inspect for defects/issues and turn the report over to the builder. You may think there are no issues that arise after 11 months of owning a brand new home, but this is false. Improper flashing installation, damaged shingles, or poor paint application can easily lead to water intrusion issues and occurs often to new homes.

Thermal Imaging

Included with each residential inspection, thermal imaging helps diagnose heat loss issues, inspect weather stripping, pinpoint moisture in walls, evaluate insulation quality, and check energy efficiency in a home. Down Home Inspections holds a Certified Residential Thermographer certificate that is recognized by both the American Society of Home Inspectors as well as the International Association of Home Inspectors. 

We Are Level 1 Thermography Certified!

Thermal Imaging

Additional services

01. Insurance Inspections

Give us a call if your insurance company is requesting a four-point inspection or roof condition certification. If your home has hurricane resistant features we can also complete a wind mitigation inspection which can potentially save you hundreds on homeowner’s insurance.

02. Pool Inspections

When buying a home with a pool, make sure you know what’s going on under the water. Our pool inspection provides a comprehensive examination of proper bonding equipment, main drain, skimmer, pump, pool system function/operation, filter and heaters, and safety barriers.

03. Crawlspaces

A thorough crawlspace inspection is crucial to uncovering potential plumbing and foundation issues. However, many crawlspaces have entrances too small to access. Our Big Crawl allows us to still access those crawlspaces and conduct a thorough inspection.

Manufactured Home Engineering Certification

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